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How Much Are Dental Implants In Turkey?

January 11, 2023by Dentares Smile Clinic

How much are dental implants in Turkey?

Since the early 2000’s tourists realised the fractional cost of dental treatments in Turkey while on holiday which has led to dental tourism. In particular, international patients have flocked from Western countries for dental implant treatments. We will explore modern implants brands and technologies, Turkey’s economic factors, hidden fees & treatments and a price comparison between the UK & Dentares. Before we break these down, let’s cover what an implant is. A dental implant is a biocompatible titanium screw placed in missing or extracted tooth area(s). It is a restorative method to replace the function and structure of a tooth root for a dental crown to be attached on top. For more in-depth information, readers can visit our dental implant page. So what makes an implant expensive?

Maxillofacial Surgeons and Clinics choose the brand of implants available to patients based on the survival and success rate of implants, implant micro-technologies and cost-effectiveness for the patient. Despite almost all implant brands offering a life-time warranty in case of unsuccessful implantation, the best practice is not having to intervene in implant replacement if possible. That’s why we choose implants with a higher success and survival rate of 95% shown in studies and high chances in complex cases. The survival and success of implantation is based on the patients diet and lifestyle choices over the decades and the implant micro-technologies.

Technologies readers should be aware of when deciding their brand of choice for implant treatment are Clean Implant Certification, SLA, immediate loading capacity, and halogenic design. Despite the title, the Clean Implant Certification doesn’t refer to cleanliness, rather the purity of titanium. These implants that are certified are made of pure titanium without dilution of other metal alloys. This reduces any risk for metal allergies in patients.

SLA stands for Sandblasted, large grit, acid-etched implant surface which increases the surface area and porosity resulting in higher osseointegration (bone and implant integration). Implant companies create their own varieties of techniques and materials to create this effect. But the constant that remains is the use of Calcium ions bonded to the SLA surface that increases osteoblasts. These are bone tissues that create and develop more bone. The result of this is an increased healing in the first 6 to 8 weeks and increased longevity and stability.

Immediate loading capacity refers to the ability to place an implant in a tooth socket immediately after extraction. By using implants with immediate loading capacity, the surgeon is able to decrease the appointments to 1 from 2 and reduce the treatment plan time by at least 1 month. This capacity has been researched and optimised to keep the survival and success rate unchanged compared to the traditional method.

The halogenic design refers to the difference in the core implant diameter and the implant diameter. Let’s use an hourglass to demonstrate. The core implant diameter represents the small funnel that the sand falls to the bottom glass compartment; and the implant diameter represents the maximum width of the glass. By expanding the difference between these, maximises the surface area and osseointegration of the implant.

Dentares implants have been carefully selected to include these micro-technologies for increased initial biocompatibility, longevity and stability. Of course, to offer patients the choice of budget-friendly and highest quality, 4 implants are available with differing technology combinations. Straumann implants are the highest quality and most expensive of the range due to the combination of technologies and the long-standing history of the company.

For the readers Turkey’s economic factors: inflation, low wage costs,

 Implant brand

“The brand of implants used in Turkey and in the UK can vary by clinic based on the cost-effectiveness analysis of the clinic and maxillofacial surgeon. The brands of implants have microtechnologies and capacities that can separate low and high quality implants. The quality will affect the osseointegration (integration between the bone and implant), longevity and aesthetic.

It’s hard to find information in articles and from private clinics websites on which implants they provide their patients. At Dentares, we are fully transparent and provide a quality analysis of each implant brand we use. Implants we use have immediate loading capacity, Clean Implant Certification (implants made of 100% titanium), which is great for people with metal allergies; and microtechnologies that increase the bone site surface area. To review the full benefits of quality implants, visit our dental implant page.

Price comparison

“The GBP to Turkish Lira average exchange rate from the last 6 months, 1st July to the 28th of December 2022 is £1 to ₺21.45. Giving UK tourists the economic benefit for an affordable and enjoyable dental holiday. It’s easy to see why Turkey is a favoured health and holiday destination.

Without getting too distracted by Antalya city’s experience, let’s refocus on the patient’s clinic experience. At Dentares, specialist doctors are assigned for each stage of treatment, ensuring patients are tended to by experts for each treatment, every step of the way. That is Dentares’ mission.

From the service of our dental team setting up the patient’s logistics, the fresh tea or coffee upon arrival to the clinic, and the consultation experience with the Head Physician. Dentares make you feel welcomed like inviting a friend over for a barbeque. That’s how we endeavour to make our readers feel when they trust Dentares with their dental treatments.”

Cost comparison to the UK.

“The average cost of implants in the UK haven’t been reported by a recent news source so the data can be drawn by researching multiple private practice’s implant costs reported on their websites. By using a basic google search ‘Implant cost in the UK’, the average cost of an implant lies between £1900 and £2500 with some clinics including the porcelain bonded metal crown (PBM), but excluding consultation, x-ray and cleaning fees.

While the cost in Turkey will always include consultation, x-ray and pre-operative cleaning complimentary. At Dentares Smile Clinic, we have a selection of 4 implant brands to choose from and a choice between PBM and Zirconia crowns. Our range of implants from Mode® to Straumann® and a zirconia crown included can cost between £484 and £1322.

So the cost benefit analysis is that treatment in Turkey can save the patient up to 75% from the basic package and 50% from the premium implant package. It’s important to note that the “£2500” figure was not disclosed to be a Straumann implant. It’s also important for readers to be aware of extra fees that might be included in their dental implant treatments such as: bone grafting, sinus lifting, abscess cleans, and 3D tomography (tomography provided free at Dentares).”

Conclusion: Include this:Reputation should be the most important factor in deciding which implant is best for you. You want a brand that will last your lifetime; and if something does happen, that company is still alive to replace it with their offered warranty.  The more technologies that are packed into the design of implants, increases the biocompatibility, compressive strength, stability and overall lifetime.”